Proper animal nutrition requires more than knowledge about the ingredients and nutritional needs of the species to be fed. Nourishment means having the precise balance between an attractive and palatable diet and the perfect meeting of nutritional demands in their different stages of life. The need and demands for high productivity are taken into account, seeking the best technical and economic result, as well as services that supply with maximum precision all the needs of animals and producers.

Núttria brings together important and essential points for the excellent zootechnical result of swine and poultry. One of the most outstanding aspects related to this theme refers to the care, criteria and qualitative requirement of the raw materials that make up its products, in order to guarantee the adequate nutritional level and the maximum quality of the final product.

Allied to this, the complex study of the precise nutritional requirements of the different species, phases, genetics and types of breeding makes Núttria present to the market a wide range of products that meet specific needs, guaranteeing maximum performance and financial return.

Balancing adequate nutrition, management, health and genetics with excellence is one of the greatest challenges for producers. However, Núttria, with its professional team composed of experienced technicians and researchers, will always be with its customers to help in the constant improvement of their productivity.

By offering high quality nutrition and technical support, Núttria helps its customers increase productivity, reducing risks and improving the quality of the final product. All this combined with a complete range of services designed to meet all the needs of producers.


High quality products that offer innovative solutions, customized to meet all the needs of the poultry farmer with maximum efficiency.

Nutritional Additives:

Products with proven efficiency in improving productivity, obtained from research by renowned institutions. Innovative, they improve the use of nutrients and avoid loss of zootechnical indices, thus reducing production costs.

Vitamin Supplements – Minerals with electrolyte replenishers:

Products with adjusted raw material formulations, for a correct vitamin and mineral replacement of the birds. They reduce the factors resulting from stress – vaccinations and changes in the environment, for example – suffered in the stages of recreation and production and improve the performance of the birds in all stages, from housing and transfers.

Basemix (Frangos de Corte – Postura – Codorna):

Produtos que trazem o máximo desempenho zootécnico nas diferentes fases e períodos de desenvolvimento das aves. Suas formulações apresentam uma atualização nutricional que combinam agentes anticoccidianos para contribuir e preservar o bom funcionamento do trato digestivo das aves em períodos críticos, garantindo a integridade do trato intestinal. Além disso, preparam os animais para digerir dietas menos complexas com melhor custo e retorno financeiro nas fases subsequentes.


Produtos que garantem o rendimento técnico e econômico em todas as fases: do crescimento à terminação de frangos de corte e nas aves de produção, como poedeiras e matrizes (leves e pesadas). Promovem uma melhor eficiência alimentar, a alta qualidade dos ovos e o máximo rendimento de carcaça e produção.

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